Blog, Branding, Graphic Design June 11, 2015

Designed by White Studio

Porto Identity
Very proud of my city identity. A very strong concept with all of the elements that characterizes very well my amazing city, PORTO. This project won a design contest between two other design studios all based in Porto, you can see one of the proposals for the new identity of Porto made by an amazing design studio: Atelier Martino&JaƱa. In my opinion the identity created by Martino&Jana is more “out of the box” and it would be a great opportunity to give the city new colors and some “fresh air” of what is the new design this days. On the other hand the winner proposal is more easily acceptable and as well as the Martino&Jana proposal combines great design and concept.
White Studio Proposal design concept:
“Looking at Porto from an aesthetic point of view we found the inspiration we were looking for in the blue tiles spread all across the city.Although the city is known for a wide range of colorful tiles, with patterns and drawings that go from the totally geometric to the fully illustrative, only the blue tiles were used to tell stories. The blue tiles show our history, talk about the city and its landmarks, they are narrative by nature. Inspired by the stories in the tiles we developed more than seventy geometric icons that represented the city and its people. The icons were designed based on a grid that could connect them with each other, creating a continuous network that evokes a tile panel. These icons became a visual code to represent the city. A code that can live by itself, viewing each symbol individually, or as a network of symbols that show the never-ending complexity of our city. The icons could also be more illustrative, telling stories, showing the landscape, translating our passions.”