Five Senses


This proposed work is the exploration and creation of a photographic series, having theme time and motion, and use medium format camera. as a continuation the main theme, we built a series based on the five senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. To represent each direction, we emphasize the body related to the same through the idea of movement within a plane-portrait in short, whenever the same person. We made the photographs in the studio, where there is the possibility of alter light and background color to our liking. To this end, we used chamber medium format Hasselblad 1600f and roll Ilford 120 mm, 400 wing, the sensitivity of the film nominated fophotographs interior space. In pursuance of the main theme, we chose the method of long-term exposure; for this, we placed continuous light, in view of the shadow and highlight the template, and black background to enhance this action. The scene was set with the intention of following the revelation of the roll the picture is 80% and 20% of dark light, see only the face model and an spot movement in the default location. It took two experiences in the studio we get the desired shot, well framed and lit. After the revelation of the roll scanned and this, we treated the picture by changing small details that disturbed the image. Printing was performed on glossy paper, shaped 250 x 250 mm, without margin.






Further Projects