Barcelona, Blog, Graphic Design October 15, 2015

New adventures. New challenges.
In the beginning of the year I decided to apply for a master degree in Design Management and Thinking field. After a long research of masters around the world I decided to apply for BAU Design College of Barcelona to the Master in Innovation and Design Management so here I am! I’m very excited and can’t wait to start this new journey. I believe that this study experience is definitely going to help me develop my personal interests in several areas such as visual culture, design research, design management and thinking, among others. I feel that this course can offer me the opportunity for research, learn and question more about design. I will have the chance and challenge to question and discuss theories and practices about visual culture and graphic design. And must of all how to approach and research the methodologies and processes with the intention of returning with a plausible answer. BAU give me a chance to explore and communicate design in a different environment and stay on the edge of new thinking and evolution that will helping me launch my career and develop my goals. During this next academic year pretend to improve my creative and technical skills, be inspired and at the same time be questioned by what happens around me and above all be taught by a great and amazing range of professors and mentors.
Barcelona, one of the largest cities in Spain, is also a great city to find opportunities for future work and the center of art and design. With many influences coming by amazing art museums, galleries and are festivals of art and design. These cultural activities play an important role on my way of thinking, allowing me to comprehend and understand the needs of the design culture.