Know-How / Show-How . Sofia

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Know-How / Show-How
Summer School for Creative Thinking and Design Processes

Know-How / Show-How Summer School is an international program for creative thinking and design processes, which will be held from June 29 till July 10, 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The program is meant to support the development of young emerging designers and creatives interested in working in interdisciplinary manner with international professionals, educators and experts from the european’s creative and educational community.
Through workshops, exhibitions, exploratory studies and lectures various questions and topics will be examined. How is our behavior shaped by our local environment? How to work together, and create a beneficial effect on society? Can we define a new role for artists and designers of the present and the future? A main objective of the project is to create an international network for collaboration between designers and other professionals, engaged with social and urban issues.

A few weeks ago I found this design summer school organized by Transformatory Lab and Studio Projectirane and after review the Open Program of KHSH 2015 edition I immediately set the dates to not miss the lectures. The first one was about Subjective Typography, presentation by Matthias Kreutze&Jens Schildt – is a graphic design studio that design (typo)graphic identities, books, magazines, posters, exhibitions, record sleeves, (dingbat) fonts, websites. The second lecture that i was able to participate was Know-How / Show – How Talk: Discussion about the role of the creative industries fr the development of the social and economical values, moderators: Studio Komplekt. This last one was very interesting because i was started to understand how creative industries work in Bulgaria. In the beginning of the discussion was very hard to understand how the creative field manage to survive in this country with the almost non-existent fundings and the hard mentality and knowledge of the general public. The discussing was divided in two main topics: How the creatives can change the opinion of the general public about arts and design? and They even know what the word design means? During the open discussion several design and art students were complain about their own country and the only solution that they see is to go abroad to be someone in the design world. Here, in Bulgaria, they don’t have academical or profissional conditions yet to develop their own work because nobody accept design as a respectful work that needs to be well paid.
I realized then that I’m living (for just a period of time) in a country where design isn’t a recognized art and it only appear a few years ago and the percent of people who work on this field or is connect to that is very small and not big enough to be something real and respectful. But unlike the opinion of some participants during the discussion, I think that the problem isn’t on the mentality of the country or the lack of tools and supports, the problem is that most of the creatives industries aren’t doing nothing to reach the general public and most important the government. The solution is to join forces and start to work as one creative industry to get big enough that it gets to a point that everyone knows what is design, why they need it, what difference makes in the society and in the business. Not sit and wait to someone decided to teach the country about general arts and design.
Overall it was a very open-minded discussion about design business in Bulgaria and much they need to develop to reach the same level of culture of other EU countries.