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New adventures. New challenges.
In the beginning of the year I decided to apply for a master degree in Design Management and Thinking field. After a long research of masters around the world I decided to apply for BAU Design College of Barcelona to the Master in Innovation and Design Management so here I am! I’m very excited and can’t wait to start this new journey. I believe that this study experience is definitely going to help me develop my personal interests in several areas such as visual culture, design research, design management and thinking, among others. I feel that this course can offer me the opportunity for research, learn and question more about design. I will have the chance and challenge to question and discuss theories and practices about visual culture and graphic design. And must of all how to approach and research the methodologies and processes with the intention of returning with a plausible answer. BAU give me a chance to explore and communicate design in a different environment and stay on the edge of new thinking and evolution that will helping me launch my career and develop my goals. During this next academic year pretend to improve my creative and technical skills, be inspired and at the same time be questioned by what happens around me and above all be taught by a great and amazing range of professors and mentors.
Barcelona, one of the largest cities in Spain, is also a great city to find opportunities for future work and the center of art and design. With many influences coming by amazing art museums, galleries and are festivals of art and design. These cultural activities play an important role on my way of thinking, allowing me to comprehend and understand the needs of the design culture.

Know-How / Show-How . Sofia

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Know-How / Show-How
Summer School for Creative Thinking and Design Processes

Know-How / Show-How Summer School is an international program for creative thinking and design processes, which will be held from June 29 till July 10, 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
The program is meant to support the development of young emerging designers and creatives interested in working in interdisciplinary manner with international professionals, educators and experts from the european’s creative and educational community.
Through workshops, exhibitions, exploratory studies and lectures various questions and topics will be examined. How is our behavior shaped by our local environment? How to work together, and create a beneficial effect on society? Can we define a new role for artists and designers of the present and the future? A main objective of the project is to create an international network for collaboration between designers and other professionals, engaged with social and urban issues.

A few weeks ago I found this design summer school organized by Transformatory Lab and Studio Projectirane and after review the Open Program of KHSH 2015 edition I immediately set the dates to not miss the lectures. The first one was about Subjective Typography, presentation by Matthias Kreutze&Jens Schildt – is a graphic design studio that design (typo)graphic identities, books, magazines, posters, exhibitions, record sleeves, (dingbat) fonts, websites. The second lecture that i was able to participate was Know-How / Show – How Talk: Discussion about the role of the creative industries fr the development of the social and economical values, moderators: Studio Komplekt. This last one was very interesting because i was started to understand how creative industries work in Bulgaria. In the beginning of the discussion was very hard to understand how the creative field manage to survive in this country with the almost non-existent fundings and the hard mentality and knowledge of the general public. The discussing was divided in two main topics: How the creatives can change the opinion of the general public about arts and design? and They even know what the word design means? During the open discussion several design and art students were complain about their own country and the only solution that they see is to go abroad to be someone in the design world. Here, in Bulgaria, they don’t have academical or profissional conditions yet to develop their own work because nobody accept design as a respectful work that needs to be well paid.
I realized then that I’m living (for just a period of time) in a country where design isn’t a recognized art and it only appear a few years ago and the percent of people who work on this field or is connect to that is very small and not big enough to be something real and respectful. But unlike the opinion of some participants during the discussion, I think that the problem isn’t on the mentality of the country or the lack of tools and supports, the problem is that most of the creatives industries aren’t doing nothing to reach the general public and most important the government. The solution is to join forces and start to work as one creative industry to get big enough that it gets to a point that everyone knows what is design, why they need it, what difference makes in the society and in the business. Not sit and wait to someone decided to teach the country about general arts and design.
Overall it was a very open-minded discussion about design business in Bulgaria and much they need to develop to reach the same level of culture of other EU countries.

One Design Week Plovdiv 2015

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One Design Week Plovdiv 2015
The topic of ONE DESIGN WEEK (June 19 – 28, Plovdiv) festival’s seventh edition is Digital One. The theme will be explored in the central exhibition of the festival Being Post-Digital, which is curated by René Beekman. The Being Post-Digital exhibition shows a selection of works by artists from Bulgaria and abroad. The featured projects combine various artistic fields, such as contemporary art, design, fashion and photography, which illustrate the interdisciplinary artistic approach of the 21st century. The topic about the post-digital era is accompanied by various special events that are part of the festival program.
In the last day of the festival, the forum day, I had the opportunity to hear many different designers and artists talk about their work. The ones that capture more my attention and interested was KARLSSON AND WILKER – A graphic design studio based the USA. I was amazed by their work, very avant garde and variety of projects that include identities, signage & wayfinding, print, motion, web. – YURI SUZUKI – Is a sound artist, designer and electronic musician. He produces work that explores the realms of sound through interactive and exquisitely designed installations. – and last Halla Helgadóttir – She is Manager Director of Iceland Design Center and talk about Iceland and how rapidly is developing a in the world of design. Strategic support of design as a discipline has come to be recognized as a successful national policy.


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Designed by White Studio

Porto Identity
Very proud of my city identity. A very strong concept with all of the elements that characterizes very well my amazing city, PORTO. This project won a design contest between two other design studios all based in Porto, you can see one of the proposals for the new identity of Porto made by an amazing design studio: Atelier Martino&Jaña. In my opinion the identity created by Martino&Jana is more “out of the box” and it would be a great opportunity to give the city new colors and some “fresh air” of what is the new design this days. On the other hand the winner proposal is more easily acceptable and as well as the Martino&Jana proposal combines great design and concept.
White Studio Proposal design concept:
“Looking at Porto from an aesthetic point of view we found the inspiration we were looking for in the blue tiles spread all across the city.Although the city is known for a wide range of colorful tiles, with patterns and drawings that go from the totally geometric to the fully illustrative, only the blue tiles were used to tell stories. The blue tiles show our history, talk about the city and its landmarks, they are narrative by nature. Inspired by the stories in the tiles we developed more than seventy geometric icons that represented the city and its people. The icons were designed based on a grid that could connect them with each other, creating a continuous network that evokes a tile panel. These icons became a visual code to represent the city. A code that can live by itself, viewing each symbol individually, or as a network of symbols that show the never-ending complexity of our city. The icons could also be more illustrative, telling stories, showing the landscape, translating our passions.”


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12 days, 350+ events, 17 design disciplines, 5 boroughs

NYCxDESIGN is the City’s official celebration of global design fashioned by some of the City’s most renowned artists, institutions, retailers, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, curators, educators, editors and designers. Featured shows include ICFF, BKLYN Designs, Frieze New York, WantedDesign and Collective Design.


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Finchtail is dedicated to the design and manufacture of simple, useful and sustainable solutions to everyday problems. Its first product, a low-cost, flat-packed card tablet and mobile phone stand, features a distinctive brand identity and packaging design treatment developed by Believe in.


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Romania, Bucharest, a pleasant surprise.